We are nearing 70,000 hits to this site alone since we started in late August (2013) and we are growing daily.

Our Twitter followers nearing 3000, Facebook Page over 600 Likes so when we post anything it reaches out to 3,600 potential clients for your company.

If you are in the Racing Industry, Sports Company or better still a company that would like to get good exposure and promote your business at a reasonable price and be interested in advertising on our site we would like to hear from you “TODAY”.

Whatever your needs, like signage to one of our daily posts or a more prominent way with a banner / signage on all our posts we are open to any discussions that would suit “YOU”.

Here is what we post on our site for each week.

Monday: Weekend Wrap
(A full wrap on our selections and horses to follow from Saturdays races)

Tuesday: Champions Of The Turf
(Past champions that captured the hearts of all the racegoers)

Wednesday: Mid Week Mail
(Wednesday Mail)

Thursday: This Weeks Racing News
(All the news for the week leading up to Saturdays races)

Friday: NRL / AFL Sports Mail
(Sports Multi for each major code throughout the footy season)

Friday: Weekend Mail
(Saturday’s Mail)

We are open to any discussions that would suit your business and would like to advertise here on our site.

If you think we can help your business in anyway feel free to contact us on our email address.



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