Welcome to the OneSelection2Win site.


It started after a few friends who would know nothing about punting would go to races either for a work function or with a few mates who would call me up and ask for a few tips on the day.

After there day at the track they called me back and said thanks as they had won money on the tips I selected and would be going home with extra money in their pockets on leaving the track then they started, this is when a few mates said why don’t you start a tipping site for punters.

So in January 2012 I decided to start this journey on Twitter to see how it would go, that’s when I had to think of a Twitter name whilst opening the account and this is when I came up with OneSelection2Win and from that first day and now two years later with some success, we have grown to be over 3,200 people on Twitter as well as 600 people on Liking our Facebook page.

Our aim is not to bet on every race or every day of the week as this is a great recipe for disaster as you can’t win backing horses in every event as this will make sure betting agencies get richer and you get disappointed.

This is why we mainly concentrate on Wednesday and Saturday City Class races as these are the horses that race with more success whilst they are in full work. We will only post between five to ten selections per week as it’s all about getting a return for your dollar and showing a “PROFIT” as the old saying goes small fish will amount to bigger fish when they all jump into the same net.

We have also ventured into sports betting with the start of the season for both the NRL and AFL for 2013 so far we have had some success so far this season.

We have now moved into starting this blog site as our following is growing by the month and who would ever thought someone’s dream with one follower on twitter has mounted over two thousand people who receive our mail when we tweet our selections. We have started our blog site a free subscription so when we post our mail you can get it directly into your email so you don’t miss any of our selections when we post.

Since the start of OneSelection2Win we have messaged throughout Australia and the world so we have formed great friendship via these messages as we all want to do one thing and find winners and take the cash from the betting companies.

The one thing is we are for the punters who want to keep filling their pockets and wallets with cash as this is what punting is all about when you place bet on horses or sport.

We have an affiliated partnership with three Betting Companies Now in Betezy, LUXBET and TopBetta so hopefully in future with the funds from this partnership we can build and make our tipping site remain free for all followers and punters to see in future years to come.






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Disclaimer: The information contained on this site and the information contained in any email correspondence from OneSelection2Win is intended as a guide only. If you use this information – or any other information associated with OneSelection2win – it is at your own risk. OneSelection2Win accepts no liability for any financial losses.


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