Darby Racing Pty.Ltd. is ‘The Ultimate Racing Experience’, whether you are a first time owner or have had previous experience in owning a racehorse. We provide the highest level of integrity when it comes to your investment, competence and experience in the selection of racehorses and provision of the highest level of service.


For The First Time / Experienced Owner

The Rules of Racing stipulate that all registered owners of a racehorse in Australia must be 18 years or older.

The word syndication involves the process of selling shares in a racehorse such that ownership of the horse is split between two or more part-owners. The syndicator (Darby Racing P/L) has the responsibility for selecting the horse, finding the owners and finalizing the paperwork required for registration or transfer of ownership. Therefore, one of the advantages of buying into a syndicate is having all the hard work done for you. Darby Racing P/L can help you every step along the way in your bid to be a successful racehorse owner. To fully understand all that is involved in racehorse ownership and the services we provide, contact us or refer to the Owner Information Links provided.


So you are thinking of purchasing a share in a racehorse! Here are some key points to consider in respect to racehorse ownership-


HORSE RACING Horse racing is highly speculative. Always limit your investments in racehorses to what you can reasonably afford. See Risks for further advice.

HORSE SELECTION Horse selection is so important. Some of the key things to consider when investing include:
◦Pedigree – Sire / Dam (The horse’s parentage)
◦Racing Attributes – Distances you would like your horse to race over – sprinter, middle or long distances.
◦Conformation – The physical characteristics of the horse likely to affect the performance
◦Gender – Filly or Colt? Issues that affect your investment in racing and after racing.


HORSE TRAINER Horse trainer needs careful consideration. The trainer you choose may determine your level of success. Different trainers have different training styles which may suit different types of horses.

LEVEL OF INVESTMENT is something you will need to determine personally. If you have a large amount of finance to invest, it is wise to spread the risk by investing in multiple shares as you might in any share market. Doing this also can enhance the level of interest and enjoyment in your investments.

THE COSTS involved in racing a horse owned outright by an individual could exceed $30,000 per year. For many people, this is beyond their means. As member of a partnership, you would only pay a percentage of such costs relevant to your share holding. Typically, such costs are comprised of: ◦Training fees (metro. trainer approx.$60 – $100 per day per horse)
◦Spelling fees – when your horse needs a break (approx. $20 – $30 per day per horse)
◦Pre – Training fees – Improvement of fitness before heading to the trainer (approx. $40 – $60 per day per horse)
◦Vet fees – as needed to ensure the well- being of your horse (fees vary according to need)
◦Transport charges
◦Dental/Chiro charges
◦Track fees
◦Shoeing fees
◦Nomination and acceptance fees
◦Administration Management fees
◦Insurance fees (see Insurance)

TIME FOR WAR,SA_2_RH_29032014__A181.jpg

◦Sharing the above costs according to your percentage of ownership
◦Sharing of prize money
◦Shared decision-making regarding your horse
◦Shared naming rights in respect to your horse
◦Minimizing of risk in respect to your investment
◦Management of the care of your horse
◦Your name appearing in the race book (5% shares and above)
◦Racecourse entry is free when your horse is racing
◦Members’ Entry entitlements when your horse is racing
◦Owners’ room access at certain racetracks
◦Sharing the excitement and meeting new people



Contact & Enquiry

Office: (02) 4648 0998
International: +61 2 4648 0998
Fax: (02) 4648 0995

Postal Address: PO Box 611 Narellan NSW Australia 2567

Mobile: Scott Darby: 0430 317 007
Mobile: Steve McIvor 0438 751 376

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